How To Clean Salt Cell With Vinegar


A salt cell is commonly used in saltwater pools. It is actually a part of the system that lets chlorine to be naturally produced instead of being added. However, this salt cell should be cleaned occasionally because calcium and minerals get collected on plates within the cell. You have to check the cell periodically to ascertain that it needs cleaning, and then use robotic pool cleaner for small pools or hot tubs. While there are many ways to clean salt cells, cleaning them with vinegar is an effective and easy method. If you don’t know how to clean a pool from debris and deposits, take a look at below tips on cleaning a salt cell with vinegar.

How to clean a salt cell using vinegar?

Before cleaning, try to check the cell for calcium and mineral deposits. To do this, turn off the power in the first place. Do not try to unscrew the unit when the power is on; otherwise, you may get a shock. Once the power is off, look inside the pool and check for debris on metal plates. If there are deposits, they will look light in color. You could also spot flaky or crusty deposits in the cell.

Now that you know the deposit spots, remove them using a high pressure garden hose. In case you don’t get success with the garden hose, use a plastic or wooden tool to get rid of the deposits. Make sure you use it gently on the debris to scrap the deposits. You may increase the pressure gradually if the deposits are stuck. Remember, removing debris will take time. So do not be in a rush to scrap the flakes; otherwise, you may finish off damaging the walls of the pool.

Have the vinegar solution ready. You can get a ready-made vinegar solution in the market. It is also easy to make the solution at home by mixing vinegar in water in the right proportion. Neither opt for a too concentrated vinegar solution nor a too dilute solution. As a thumb rule, go for a mild solution with a perfect blend of water and vinegar.

Soak the salt water cell or hot tubs (as the case may be) in a container with vinegar solution for a night. The solution can remove all sorts of remaining debris within a fortnight. Coil the wiring harness alongside the cell before you go for soaking. Immerse the cell to the top of the wiring. Use a high pressure garden hose and rinse it. If you still find mild deposits, repeat the process with another solution to finally cleanse the cell.

Bottom line

Cleaning a salt water cell need not be a problem, thanks to so many cleaning solutions available in the market. However, a vinegar solution is supposed to be the easiest and the cheapest pool cleaner for small pools. All it takes is a little bit of time and some legwork on your end. Just stick to the above tips to clean a salt cell using vinegar, and you could have a clean and pristine pool as you want.

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