Jandy AquaPure Code 170: Explanation and Solution

Jandy AquaPure Code 170

Nothing is more annoying than seeing an error code on your Jandy AquaPure that you have never experienced or know how to solve it. Not knowing the source of the issue makes it impossible to fix it unless you call a professional.  

That’s why we have looked at the Jandy AquaPure Code 170 to help you resolve the problem with ease. But let’s first look at Jandy AquaPure System.

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What is Jandy AquaPure System?

The Jandy AquaPure System is a salt-water chlorine sanitizer that uses saltwater to provide high-performance water sanitation with hydraulic efficiency, reliability, and uncompromised performance. It depends on its simple features and sturdy design to provide you with a saltwater oasis. 

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Its key features include:

  • An automatic self-cleaning ability that guarantees consistent operation and long life.
  • Unique Tri-Sensor tech that provides sturdy electronic water flow to offer maximum performance.
  • Digital salinity for accurate readings.
  • Status, temperature, and flow reading for instant feedback on the operation.

About Error Code 170 – Control Board

The Error Code 170 often occurs on the control board, and it refuses to clean no matter what you do. At least that what some people experience and it is even worse since there are no lights to notify you when it is turned one.  

It is often one of least experienced error, and it causes some problems with the salinity of your pool. Luckily there is a solution. 

First, you need to know what causes the error code 170, which is the AC voltage from the rear board. There might be an issue with the wire connection that connects to the 120 VA. You can start by looking at the backboard voltages and the transformer.

However, unless you are sure of what you are doing, we would advise you to seek help from a professional. You can easily get electrocuted when you open the control board.

Troubleshooting-Front Board

What steps should you follow to clear the error code 170? They are listed here:

  • Remove the flow salinity temperature device from the front board.
  • Look for the test buttons – press and hold the one marked R-temp and salinity. 
  • While still pressing these buttons, press the Salinity key (‘C’) on the cover of the devices. You should see a reading of 2.8 GPL on the LCD.
  • While still holding those buttons, press the Pool Temp key (‘D’). You should get a reading of 24 degrees or 75 F.
  • Now press and hold the “H-Temp” test button on the board and simultaneously press the ‘C’ button again as well as Chlorine Production Rate ‘Arrow key A” on the cover of the gadget. Now the LCD will show a temperature of 33 degrees or 91F.  

If you get these readings, then your Jandy AquaPure device will work correctly, and you won’t see the error code 170. However, if you get other readings, now that you need to see professional help.

Final Words

While you can quickly solve most error codes, some will require you to call an expert.  If that is the case, seek help from Jandy’s customer care or call a professional.

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